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Kids Martial Arts in Murfreesboro

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Get Started With Murfreesboro's Best Youth Jiu Jitsu Classes!

Here at Legion Jiu Jitsu, we're proud to offer kids from Murfreesboro the opportunity to get high-quality Jiu Jitsu training from elite instructors!

Sometimes parents think that the martial arts are all about fighting, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Our Youth Jiu Jitsu program is focused on helping cultivate strong values in our students, giving them the tools they need to enjoy lifelong success. From building confidence and learning focus to establishing lifelong habits of physical fitness, our Kids Jiu Jitsu program is all about helping kids become the best they can be!

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What Do Youth Jiu Jitsu Classes Offer?

Our Youth Jiu Jitsu classes offer your child the opportunity to meet new friends, connect with mentors who will guide them to excellence, and learn transferable skills that will help them in all aspects of life. What we teach at Legion Jiu Jitsu isn't all about self-defense -- it's about instilling strong values and promoting positive personal growth!

As your child makes the journey from white belt to black belt, they learn about goal-setting and discipline. As they practice new Jiu Jitsu techniques with their friends, they gain teamwork and leadership skills. Each class helps them gain focus and listening skills. And as a bonus, they'll also learn anti-bullying strategies and the fundamentals of self-defense!

Tiny Legionnaires

Kids Ages 3-5

Students will participate a number of age specific activities, drills and games that will compliment your child’s stage of development. Classes “gamify” martial arts training to maximize attention, learning, and fun! Your child will gain confidence and have fun as they learn to work together with other children improving their coordination and Jiu Jitsu Skills. Our program will help develop your child’s large and gross motor skills, their behavior and character on and off the mat. In addition this program will prepare them for our Little Legionnaires jiu jitsu classes.

Little Legionnaires

Kids Ages 5-8

Students will learn confidence and self discipline through basic jiu jitsu and self defense techniques. Students begin to earn rank as they dedicate time, effort, and learn new skills. Focusing primarily on position and body control. Our students implement the new technique in a controlled and supervised sparring session, where they have the opportunity to practice against a resisting opponent. All of our kids programming also integrates anti-bullying curriculum.

Junior Legionnaires

Kids Ages 9-12

Junior Legionnaires utilize a curriculum to our adult program. Students will learn basic jiu jitsu and self defense techniques. The 9-12 year old group will start applying and defending more complex submission and attacks. Students will get more live sparring sessions in a controlled and supervised environment. All of our kids programming also integrates anti-bullying curriculum.

Join us in Murfreesboro for Youth Jiu Jitsu classes and see your child:
  • Gain unwavering self-confidence & improved self-esteem
  • Learn better focus, resulting in better performance at school
  • Practice important teamwork & leadership skills in a safe environment
  • Bond with positive mentors who will challenge & encourage them

From your child's very first Youth Jiu Jitsu class, you'll see an improvement in their behavior patterns. They'll burn off some of that excess energy, be calmer and more courteous, and learn what it takes to become a champion -- both on and off the mats!

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Try Murfreesboro's Favorite Youth Jiu Jitsu Classes Today!

Kids martial arts classes have so much to offer children of all ages and backgrounds. Through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, we're offering children from around Murfreesboro, Whitehouse, and Barfield the opportunity to learn important life skills and cultivate strong values... all while building lifelong habits of physical fitness! Join us at Legion Jiu Jitsu and see the results for yourself. 

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