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Professor Roscoe Roatch, Martial Arts Instructor

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Professor Roscoe Roatch

Where are you from?

I’m really from all over the US. Recently from Los Gatos, SF Bay Area, CA. Born in Montana, lived in Minnesota until I was 8. I was in Florida until I joined the Marine Corps which brought me to Southern California. When I got out I moved up to Northern California. I just moved here to Fairview Tennessee from Los Gatos (SF Bay Area) where I've been for the last 20 years.

When did you start jiu-jitsu?

I started BJJ in 2005 at American Kickboxing Academy under Professor Dave Camarillo (Guerrilla BJJ). I have trained under Ciao Terra, Flavio Meier, and Leopoldo Serao who awarded my BB in BJJ and Luta Livre.

Why did you start doing jiu-jitsu?

I’ve been doing martial arts since I was 5. I started my path under my father (TKD, Shotokan) and have more than dabbled in many styles (TKD, Shotokan, Inayan Escrima, Boxing, Military martial arts (USMC and level 2 Army Combative Instructor). I originally started to cross-train in BJJ and grappling to aid in healing/balancing repetitive use injuries like elbow tendonitis I had developed from years of technical rock climbing. Plus I learned I was tired of being punched in the face :)

Why do you like to teach?

Martial arts is the window through which I have learned to view the world. As I learn and communicate in other aspects of life, the lessons of martial arts are there as a type of metaphor to relate.

I tend to teach what I love, from military instruction, rock climbing, shooting, and martial arts. I find it’s the best way to share my passions. In teaching, I continue to learn. Interacting with students and discovering how they learn differently makes me look at my details and techniques in new ways thus deepening my own understanding and discovery.

List some of your accomplishments:

Accomplishments I am most proud of in my life so far would be becoming a US Marine and Scout Sniper, teaching other Snipers in Regimental Sniper School, earning my BS in Geology, becoming a certified Ethical Hacker, and earning my Black Belt in BJJ and Luta Livre.

I’ve medaled in multiple BJJ competitions from IBJJF, Naga and other locally ran comps.

Some significant ones:

  • BJJ by the Sea - Gold
  • Born to Fight 1st place
  • BJJ by the Bay - Silver x2
  • Naga - Silver x2
  • IBJJF Vegas Open - Silver
  • US Open - Bronze x5
  • as many as 20+ more

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