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  • Recover Faster After BJJ

    Recover Faster After BJJ

    Ways to Recover Faster In BJJ Everyone wants to recover faster after a training session, whether you just got done with a morning class and need to tackle a day of work and family responsibilities, or you are preparing for a competition and need to be ready to train again later in the day. Take the time to plan and use these tips to make sure you are recovering to the best of your ability. Hydration Most people today walk around dehydrated from not drinking enough water. Once you factor in a hard workout that results in fluid and electrolyte loss, dehydration becomes an even bigger problem. To combat this, try to drink at least 2 full glasses of water in the morning. If you can add ....

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  • More Control Leads to Less Injuries

    More Control Leads to Less Injuries

    More Control Leads to Less Injuries When talking about Jiu Jitsu, or any combat sports for that matter, there is a certain level of injury that must be accepted when committing to training the sport. The occasional bruise, sore fingers or toes, and the occasional sore muscles. However, what is not acceptable at all is serious injuries, especially those that can be avoided. One of the major causes of injury in combat sports is uncontrollable bodyweight distributed to our partner during training. Examples include jumping guard or flying submissions. John Danaher pointed this out recently and has banned these particular moves during training in his gyms, and for good reason. We don't ....

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  • How BJJ Will Boost your Confidence

    How BJJ Will Boost your Confidence

    How BJJ will Boost Your Confidence Life can be brutal sometimes. We all know this. Whether you’re an adult dealing with work, bills and raising children or a kid navigating life and trying to figure out how you fit into the world. There is no doubt that it is important to be confident in yourself to succeed through life’s challenges. Confidence sets apart the strong from the weak. A confident person can speak up despite possible disagreements. A confident child can stand up to a bully or simply by how they carry themselves project an energy that says, “I will not be put down”. Jiu Jitsu is one of only a few martial arts that requires its students to execute ....

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  • What Questions Should I Ask My Professor?

    What Questions Should I Ask My Professor?

    What questions should I ask my Professor? So many questions run through the mind of a new and seasoned BJJ student. You might be asking yourself, what is the right question to help me continue to grow and develop? Here are a few common questions to ask your instructor next time you are in class. - Which techniques work best for my body type? This question is a great one to ask, especially to an instructor with a similar body type. Everybody type has advantages and disadvantages with moves and asking your coach or professor, who watches you roll regularly, can be a great way to focus your attention to specific techniques in a variety of situations. - Why does this move work? This is ....

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  • To the Parents from Professor

    To the Parents from Professor

    To the Parents, From Professor Gabriel. When we place our loved ones into sports, we want them to succeed. One thing we cannot forget is at the end of the day they are kids in the process of learning and exploring life. They are discovering what they really want to do and who they want to become. When they decide to do Jiu Jitsu, they are taking a step towards exploring new challenges both mentally and physically. Jiu Jitsu is an intimidating sport where you must hug your friends aggressively and can be quite competitive at times. When we don’t see our children succeed, it can be easy to become frustrated. What are you looking for with martial arts in general? For them to be ....

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  • Mental Preparation Through Visualization

    Mental Preparation Through Visualization

    Mental Preparation through Visualization As a competitor in Jiujitsu, and just life in general, it is paramount to appreciate the importance of mental preparation. Visualization is a key component of a successful training program. Studies have shown that small but measurable neuro-electrical signals are activated in the brain and sent throughout the body when individuals mentally rehearse performing a physical skill (Luce, S.N.) • By visualizing performance in the actual environment that we compete in, or really any environment in which we execute our jobs in, we can introduce the brain to the sensory feedback we will receive, identify physiological responses (rapid breathing, ....

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  • 4 Tips to Make the Most of Each BJJ Class

    4 Tips to Make the Most of Each BJJ Class

    4 Simple Tips to make the most of each BJJ class 1. Focus on using technique over strength. Especially early on as you are developing your techniques and grappling skills, it is easy to fall back to strength to try and make a move work. When we are training with a smaller or weaker opponent this can become even more enticing. Try your best to stay focused and use technique rather than strength. As you get more proficient with the technique, your strength will be an added advantage but will not be the underlying cause of success. 2. Understand you will not win every time you roll. This is a normal part of squashing our egos and getting better at Jiu Jitsu. As you begin to try new ....

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  • How to Improve Endurance for BJJ

    How to Improve Endurance for BJJ

    How to Improve Endurance for BJJ There are three energy systems the body uses during exercises. The phosphagen (ATP-PC) Anaerobic Alactic is utilized for high intensity and short duration bursts like shooting a takedown or exploding from the bottom for a reversal or sit out. The Glycolytic Anaerobic Lactic is used for high to medium intensity and for moderate duration and lastly is the oxidative energy system which sustains long duration exercises and lower intensities. All three of these systems are constantly working together at the same time, however depending on the intensity one system will be predominant. Ideally, if we can improve our oxidative system to work at higher and higher ....

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  • Breathe Better

    Breathe Better

    We are well aware of how much and of what we put into our bodies when it comes to food, fluids, supplements, etc. However, very few are talking about how much air we breathe, and its impact on our body. Here’s a little knowledge and some simple exercises to start developing a few skills that can be implemented immediately on and off the mats. 1️⃣A higher Co2 tolerance will equate to a more regulated breathing pattern while under duress. 2️⃣It will allow us to preserve the power output of our breathing musculature for longer periods. 3️⃣Improved Co2 tolerance will also allow us to regulate our breathing so that our bodies have more Co2 available during exertion to buffer ....

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